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Ed Kopec
General Manager

With over 30 years of experience in the Automotive Industry, I see all Customers and Employees as Family. I believe in treating everyone as I would like to be treated, with Honesty and Integrity. 

Paul Gavel
General Sales Manager

Paul started his career with Porsche in 1989 as a sales professional. Fifteen years later, he was given the opportunity to become a general sales manager. He has been very active within the last 20 years with the local NNJR Porsche club. He has also participated in every event, both for service, sales and at the race track. Paul has been on multiple 20 group and round table teams with "Porsche Cars North America" in Atlanta. He has had experience with motor sports and classic programs. If you are shopping for a new luxury vehicle, Paul is more than happy to be in assistance.

Tom Bennewitz
Sales Manager

Tom Bennewitz is our Sales Manager. Tom has been with the Brand for over 20 years he has held various sales and management positions since 1996 when he first started with Porsche. His love and specialty for cars has brought him to where he is today.

Jennifer Pizzuti
Dealer Customer Experience Manager

Jennifer started at Paul Miller Porsche in 2016 as a receptionist. Due to her sunny disposition she was rapidly promoted to the position of Dealer Customer Experience Manager where she assists both sales and service clients with special requests or issues. Jennifer has also been successful at planning our Porsche events and product launches. We are very happy to have her on our team.

Ted Higgins
Service Manager

Ted has been part of the automotive service industry since technical high school. He started off as an Audi/Porsche Technician and worked his way to becoming a Master Certified Technician with the Audi Brand at the height of his mechanical career. His next career goal would be as an Audi/Porsche Service Advisor, eventually earning his way to assistant Service Manager with the Audi Line. Ted has been with the Audi Brand for at least 25 years and is extremely excited to be part of the next level of Service with the Porsche Brand here at Paul Miller Porsche. Ted has been, for the last 13 years, Service Manager and is looking forward to enhancing the Porsche Customer service experience here at Paul Miller Porsche.

Brionne Ramsignh
Internet Sales Manager

Brionne lives his life "a quarter mile at a time".  He eats, sleeps, and breathes the automotive industry.  He has held many sales/management roles throughout his 14 years in the car business.  On his spare time he enjoys long walks on the beach, going to the track, and playing with his cars.  Porsche has always been his favorite exotic auto manufacturer and he looks forward to helping clients find the right Porsche.



Norman Mandell
Certified Brand Ambassador

Norman has been a Certified Porsche Sales and Leasing Consultant since 1982. He is a PCA Member and former PCA and Nasa Club Racer Two Time Top Finisher for the U.S. Express, formerly known as "Cannonball Run." Norman is an experienced, honest, dedicated professional who strives to provide top customer service experience.

Raj Ramrattansingh
Certified Brand Ambassador

Diane Gasser
Certified Brand Ambassador

Diane Gasser is one of our Porsche Brand Ambassadors. Diane entered the Automobile industry back in 1990 when she left Estee Lauder and went to work for a relative who purchased a dealership. She started selling Porsche's and Audi's back in the mid-nineties, and then joined the Paul Miller family in 1998. Diane has worked in sales, in the finance office and as a sales manager in her career. Right now, she is very happy, selling and driving around in fabulous sportscars.

Dan Gino
Certified Brand Ambassador

Dan Gino is a Porsche Brand Ambassador and has been in the automotive industry since 2006. He has held various sales and management positions and joined Paul Miller in 2016.

John Calderon
Sales Advisor

John has been in the automotive industry for 6 months and it is a true dream of his to be working for Porsche. Before entering the automotive world, John was in the United States Military for 8 years and was also a Passaic County Sheriff's officer for 4 years. He is here to give all my customers the highest levels of integrity, professionalism and respect.

Vince Russotto
Certified Brand Ambassador

Vince is a business process professional with 20+ years of executive leadership, operations, sales, and business consulting experience. He began his career in the automotive retail industry in 2015 after spending many years in the corporate arena. He possesses a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and Business Administration from Rutgers University in New Jersey. His life-long passion for the Porsche brand coupled with his strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail allow him to create a buying experience with Paul Miller Porsche unlike any other you have experienced to date. Outside of the dealership he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, working around the house, fishing, and health, nutrition & fitness.

If you are looking for a very relaxing, comfortable, and unique dealership experience - please ask for him by name.

Elio Perito
Sales Advisor

Elio Perito has been in the automotive industry since 2009. He has held various sales and management positions. His hard work ethic, charisma, and true passion for Porsche has helped Elio reputation quickly rise.

Matt Bae
Sales Advisor

Matthew is a new member in our Sales team. He began his career in the automotive retail industry with Volkswagen and Audi team in downtown Manhattan.  He is an experienced sales professional with a polite and respectful manner to his clients. Now, Matthew is up for a next level challenge in German engineering with Paul Miller Porsche.    

Matthew Devlin

Stephanie Rodriguez
Inventory Coordinator

Stephanie Rodriguez is one of our showroom receptionists. She comes to us with years of management experience in a retail environment. A mother of two toddlers, Stephanie enjoys coming to work and talking to grownups. Stephanie is great at assisting clients when they call in with questions.


Porsche Pros

Yash Kulkarni
Porsche Pros

Yash Kulkarni aka "Yoshi," is known here as a Delivery Specialist. Yash got into Delivery due to his passion for technology and teaching clients how to work their vehicles.

Zach Antonacci
Porsche Pros

Zach is one of our Delivery Specialists, he has been with the Paul Miller Auto Group For over a year now. Zach has a deep love for the automotive industry and enjoys interacting with costumers and teaching them how to use their new car!

David Player
Porsche Pros

David is a Porsche Pros who came to Porsche because of his passion for cars as well as Porsche's motorsports pedigree. He has been in automotive sales for 3 years and is a recent college graduate. David wants to give off that same excitement and passion to customers when they receive their new car. 

Antonio Cascardi
Porsche Pros

I, Antonio Cascardi, joined Paul Miller Auto Group back in 2012. I have been with the company for seven years as a Sales Inventory Coordinator for Bentley,Toyota and recently joined the Porsche family. My  job function and achievements for the three brands was to inspect new and used vehicles, stock in with proper information about the vehicle, and organize for deliveries. I have always been a team player, helping customers on their dream purchases, be straightforward and honest. Come and visit me at Paul Miller Porsche.



Kimberly Pizzuti

Kim is the newest and youngest member of our team. She comes to Paul Miller Porsche through her big sister Jennifer. For being here a short time, Kim is already a huge asset as a showroom receptionist. We wish her the best and project she will have a great future.

Jacquelyn Hooper

Jaquelyn is one of our showroom receptionist. She comes to us with years of customer service experience. Although new to the automotive industry she has extremified excellent skills with in her job role.



James Foshay
Parts Manager

James started with Porsche in 1984 and has been with them his entire career. He specializes in obtaining parts for vintage cars and is a member of our Classic Partner Team. He also has experience with track and concors car prep and has been a member of PCA for over 30 years. He's been with Paul Miller Porsche going on 4 years now.

Jason Moss
Parts Desk

Brian Santizo
Parts Desk


Service Technician

Marty Siler
Shop Foreman

Master Tech with over 30 years of Porsche service Experience.

Michael Ricciardi
System Technician/ Assistant Shop Foreman

Geza Wieszt
Diagnostic Specialist

Kevin Baker
Diagnostic Specialist

Jamie Lungo
Service Technician

Matt Meyers
Service Technician

Ben Cianci
Service Technician

Antonio Cianci
Service Technician

Dave Harris
Service Technician

Tyler Lindstrom
Service Technician

Alex Giroux
Service Technician

Juan Cabrera
Service Technician

Garret Mulinge
Service Technician

Peter Flanagan
Service Technician

Chris Lugo
Service Technician


Service Advisor

Mike Rose
Service Advisor

Mike Rose is a Brand Ambassador and Porsche Classic service advisor. Mike has been in the business over 20 years. He has spent 15 years with Paul Miller Land Rover/Jaguar. Mike has been with our dealership over 2 ½ years and brings with him a technical back ground and outstanding customer experience. Mike looks forward to meeting and exceeding client expectations.  He enjoys spending time with his family and volunteers as a fireman in his free time.

Salina Cancel
Service Advisor

Salina Cancel is our Porsche Service advisor. She has been in the automotive industry for 20 years excelling in various advisor and management positions. Her positive personality and vehicle knowledge give her the ability to resolve any problem thrown her way making her a valued employee.

Scott Pollock
Service Advisor

Scott Pollock is a Brand Ambassador and Porsche Classic service advisor. He started in the automotive industry as a technician in 2006 and spent 10 years in various rolls with Volkswagen dealerships without turning a wrench. His product knowledge and technical background has given him the tools he needs to help his customers understand the complexities of maintaining both modern and classic Porsches.

Joe Cardone
Service Advisor

Joseph Cardone is a Porsche Service Advisor and has been with the Paul Miller Brand for over 4 years With 15 years of experience  in the customer service industry, Joseph looks forward meeting each customer and exceeding their expectations. His love for cars goes back as a child and shares that passion with each and every customer. 

Aya Saleh
Loaner Coordinator

Aya is the newest loaner coordinator for the service team. She has been in the automotive industry for a few years now. She enjoys doing her position and assisting customers. 

Jose Andrade
Service Valet

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