As we plow through the fall, the familiar realization that winter will be here soon hits. Whether you love the beauty that is winter or you despise the cold temps, heavy snow, and slick ice, you'll want to make sure that your car has the right tires for winter travel.

Does My Car Really Need Winter Tires?

Yes and no. Are winter tires better for winter road conditions? Yes. Do drivers in the Parsippany, Millburn, and other New Jersey areas need to have winter tires? That depends on your preferences.

Winter tires are designed for the winter weather. Not only are they made from a more flexible rubber material that can handle fluctuating temperatures, but they also have a thicker tread for a better grip on the ice and snow. While all-season tires are okay for the typical Morristown or Wayne, NJ, area, winter tires give you more peace of mind when the winter storms arrive. If you think of tires as shoes, all-season tires are like sneakers, and winter tires are like boots. You could wear sneakers in the snow, but boots are better.

Purchase Your Car's Winter Tires at Paul Miller Porsche

If you're looking for the right winter tires for your vehicle, our Paul Miller Porsche parts department can order them and install them for you. Our team will locate the correct winter tires for the Porsche car or SUV and order them right away if we don't currently have them in stock.

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Do you have questions about buying winter tires? Would you like to talk to one of our Porsche technicians to see what they recommend? If so, feel free to contact our Paul Miller Porsche dealership or stop by our Parsippany showroom from Short Hills or beyond today!

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